Gdansk, 2021/2022

Dear Colleagues

Dear Friends

The Congress of the Polish Society of Orthopaedics and Traumatology is the holiday of Polish Orthopedics, it is the most important orthopedic event in our country. It combines learning with practical knowledge, experience and at the same time enables direct contact between us.

Leading themes are spinal deformities, upper limb injuries and bone tumors. Of course, regardless of the main topics, we anticipate free topics and training lectures. Scientific sessions, discussion panels, poster sessions and courses will allow to broaden the knowledge and practical skills which directly translates into the treatment of our patients. It is mainly for them that we do it because our goal is to improve the quality of their lives.

We pay special attention to training. Instructional lectures will be addressed to residents in order to support them in acquiring knowledge and failure-free passing the specialization exam. A similar role will be played by sessions organized by the sections of the Society and independent Societies derived from orthopedics. The National Consultant prof. Jaroslaw Czubak will support our congress.

I invite all the members of the Society to the General Assembly at which we will present our activities and set our plans for the future. We are very much waiting for your votes in the discussion to get to know your expectations, comments and suggestions. It is important that, despite the development of the Internet, social media, remember that we need to talk to each other, get to know each other, discuss, and be together not only in the meeting room but also in social gatherings. It connects us but also translates into more efficient treatment of our patients.

The congress takes place in Gdańsk, a charming and hospitable city with great traditions. When using this please do not forget about the basic goal of Orthopaedics and traumatology. However, I am convinced that we will find time to discover the atmosphere of this beautiful city. Gdańsk is a well-deserved, leading orthopedic center. Organizer of many conventions, symposia and courses. I am convinced that thanks to the actions of experienced and efficient organizers listed in the Organizing Committee under the leadership of prof. Tomasz Mazurek and with the support of our Society, the Congress will prove to be success.

See you in Gdańsk at the Congress of the Polish Society of Orthopaedics and Traumatology.


professor Leszek Romanowski

President of the Polish Orthopaedic and Traumatological Society

Ladies and gentlemen,

The Department of Orthopaedics and Kinetic Organ Traumatology of the Medical University of Gdańsk and the Pomeranian Division of the Polish Orthopaedic Society will host a meeting of our association in 2020/2021. It will be the fourth meeting of its kind in Pomerania. The first one was organised by Henryk Cetkowski – the creator of Polish Orthopaedics in our region and took place in Gdynia in 1946. The subject of the 7th edition of the Congress concerned the matters most actual at the time – the treatment of hip tuberculosis and treatment of wartime wounds.

The founding of the Department of Orthopaedics Medical University of Gdańsk in 1953 influenced the development of orthopaedics in Pomerania and the organisation of the 12th edition of the Congress organized by Alfons Senger in 1959. This time the main subject concerned the arthrosis of the hip and the treatment of bone and joint tuberculosis. Then, in 1976 professor Antoni Hlavaty hosted the 21st Congress of our Society which was dedicated to the treatment of the congenital clubfoot and the application of stable osteosynthesis. In 1992 Professor Józef Szczekot organised the memorable 29th meeting of the Polish Society of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, the subject of which was the surgical treatment of scoliosis and trauma of the knee joint. This edition is remembered positively not only as a scientific event but also for outstanding organisation.

Since then a lot of time has passed by and the dynamic development of the Department of Orthopaedics and Kinetic Organ Traumatology of the Medical University of Gdańsk and orthopaedics in the Pomerania region encouraged us to host another congress of our association. Traditionally the subject of the meeting relates to the fields of orthopaedics at which our Department excels: deformities of the spine, trauma of the upper limb and treatment of benign tumours of the bone. There will surely be a lot to discuss – thanks to the application of modern techniques like preoperative computer tomography, navigation, thermo-ablation and surgical microscope we are able to help our patients efficiently and safely, at the same time overcoming obstacles and limitations.

Our purpose during this, 43rd edition of the Congress is to come up with guidelines concerning the traumatology of the musculoskeletal system which would help young doctors not only from the field of orthopaedics but paediatric surgery, surgery, neurosurgery and emergency medicine as well. This knowledge is also directed towards radiologists and physiotherapists. We hope that this kind of formula will not only help in the practical study of traumatology but also in the passing of the specialisation test.

We undertake this difficult task but we also believe we can achieve our goals in cooperation with other centres in Pomerania and throughout Poland. We hope it will be easier in the magical city of Gdańsk with its wonderful architecture, landmarks and the Baltic Sea which will without doubt make an unforgettable impression on the participants.

I cordially invite you to Gdańsk!


professor Tomasz Mazurek

Chairman of the Scientific and Organizing Committee
Elect of the Polish Orthopaedic and Traumatology Society

Head of the Orthopaedics Department of Medical University of Gdańsk


International Gdansk Fair – AMBEREXPO
Żaglowa 11
80-560 Gdańsk


Foreign Guests

Prof. Dr. med. Rolf Haaker
Chefarzt der Klinik für Orthopädie des Klinikum Weser Egge
Univ. Prof. Dr. med. habil. Wolfram Mittelmeier (Rostock)

Univ. Prof. Prof.h.c. Dr. med. univ. Reinhard Graf

Dr. Mariusz Wojciechowski (Brakel)

Leading topics of the 43rd Congress of the Polish Society of Orthopaedics and Traumatology (PSOT)

I Injuries of the upper limb

Chairman: Leszek Romanowski
Members: Marek Bielecki, Stanisław Pomianowski, Paweł Reichert, Andrzej Żyluk

II Minor bone cancers

Chairman: Tomasz Mazurek

Members: Maciej Głowacki, Jerzy Gosk, Daniel Kotrych, Bartłomiej Szostakowski

III Spine deformation

Chairman: Rafał Pankowski
Members: Robert Gasik, Tomasz Kotwicki, Maciej Tęsiorowski, Marcin Tyrakowski

IV Liberal themes

Chairman: Marek Synder
Members: Jacek Gągała, Bogdan Koczy, Paweł Małdyk

V Panel of the National Consultant and the Charmaine of the PSOT Society

Chairmen: Jarosław Czubak, Leszek Romanowski

VI Session E - postery

Chairman: Michał Mielnik
Members: Andrzej Borowski, Marek Jóźwiak, Przemysław Paradowski, Wojciech Widuchowski

VII Instructional lectures

Chairman: Łukasz Matuszewski

1) Academic sessions of the PSOT Society

Section of Surgery of the Knee, Artroscopy and Sport Traumatology - Julian Dutka
Section of Metabolic Bone Tissue Diseases - Tomasz Blicharski
Section of Shoulder and Elbow and Polish Society of the Surgery of Shoulder and Elbow - Roman Brzóska
Section of Orthopaedic Oncology – Maciej Jackowiak
Section of Paediatric Orthopaedics - Barbara Jasiewicz
Section of Osteosynthesis – Andrzej Jasiński

2) Sessions of Societies derived from orthopaedics

Polish Society of the Surgery of the Hand - Piotr Czarnecki
Polish Society of the Spine Surgery - Robert Gasik
Polish Artroscopy Society – Konrad Malinowski
Polish Society of Foot and Ankle Joint - Tomasz Bienek
Polish Society of Sport Medicine - Andrzej Bugajski
Sesion/Section of Reconstructive Surgery - Adam Maciejewski
The International Consensus Meeting on Periprosthetic Joint Infection – ICM Philly - Wojciech Marczyński

3) Theme-focused sessions

SICOT Session - Andrzej Bohatyrewicz
EFORT Session - Marek Synder
AO Session - Jarosław Brudnicki
Session of the Polish-German Society of Friends of the Orthopaedics and Traumatology - Rolf Haaker, Konrad Drewek, Tomasz Dembski
Session of practical nurses and instrumenters - Hollistic approach to care in orthopaedics - Iwona Zaporowska–Bugajewska

XIII International lectures
1) Reinhard Graaf
2) Rolf Haaker
3) Wolfram Mittelmeier
4) Haim Shtarker
5) Mariusz Wojciechowski
IX 4th Internstional Student Conference

Chief of Organizng Comitee: Justyna Napora
Supervisor/Chairman: Filip Dąbrowski
Scientific committee: Andrzej Bohatyrewicz, Szymon Dragan, Mirosław Jabłoński, Łukasz Matuszewski, Tomasz Mazurek, Marek Synder


Online registration coming soon

The bank transfer for the fee should be sent to the below mentioned account:

Med-Media Materna, Materna Spółka Jawna
ul. Łowicka 51/20, 02-535 Warszawa
Bank number: 80 1090 2590 0000 0001 2396 5915

By paying the fee you have a free access to:

All of the sessions and lectures during the Congress
Additional materials: ID card, programme and a briefcase
Food offered during coffee breaks; lunchboxes might be offered if asked before


If you were to resign from a participation in the Congress you should contact us by mail at biuro@med-media.pl


You may book your accommodation offered by the Organiser during registration.

Scientific committee

Chairman professor Tomasz Mazurek

Elect of the Polish Orthopaedic and Traumatology Society

Injuries of the upper limb

professor Leszek Romanowski
President of the PSOT

Minor bone cancers

professor Tomasz Mazurek
Elect of the PSOT

Spine deformation

MD, PhD Rafał Pankowski

Liberal themes session

professor Marek Synder
Previous chairman of the POST

Panel of the National Consultant and the Charmaine of the PSOT Society

professor Jarosław Czubak

Sesaion E - presentations

MD Michał Mielnik

Instructional lectures

MD, PhD Łukasz Matuszewski

Marek Bielecki
Tomasz Bienek
Tomasz Blicharski
Andrzej Bohatyrewicz
Andrzej Borowski
Jarosław Brudnicki
Roman Brzóska
Andrzej Bugajski
Piotr Czarnecki
Filip Dąbrowski
Szymon Dragan
Julian Dutka
Robert Gasik
Jacek Gągała
Maciej Głowacki
Jerzy Gosk
Mirosław Jabłoński
Maciej Jackowiak
Barbara Jasiewicz
Andrzej Jasiński
Marek Jóźwiak
Bogdan Koczy
Daniel Kotrych
Tomasz Kotwicki
Adam Maciejewski
Konrad Malinowski
Paweł Małdyk
Wojciech Marczyński
Michał Mielnik
Justyna Napora
Przemysław Paradowski
Stanisław Pomianowski
Paweł Reichert
Bartłomiej Szostakowski
Maciej Tęsiorowski
Marcin Tyrakowski
Wojciech Widuchowski
Iwona Zaporowska–Bugajewska
Andrzej Żyluk

Organisational Committee

Chairman of the Scientific and Organizing Committee Elect of the Polish Orthopaedic and Traumatology Society

dr hab. med. Rafał Pankowski
dr med. Krzysztof Kolarz
dr med. Włodzimierz Ziółkowski
dr med. Andrzej Ziętek
dr med. Mariusz Treder
dr med. Agnieszka Łabuć
dr med. Maciej Piotrowski
dr med. Konrad Drewek
dr med. Lucjan Samson
dr med. Marcin Ceynowa
dr med. Marek Rocławski
dr med. Filip Dąbrowski
lek. Klaudiusz Pobłocki
lek. Szymon Wałejko
lek. Tomasz Bartoszewski
lek. Anna Kozyra
lek. Sławomir Borowski
lek. Joanna Borowska
lek. Maciej Zrodowski
lek. Wojciech Zadura
lek. Mikołaj Romańczuk
lek. Andrzej Wawruszczak
lek. Adam Augustyniak
lek. Sergiusz Bielocerkowski
lek. Artur Krakowiak
lek. Mikołaj Orłowski
lek. Zuzanna Duda
lek. Michał Żychliński
lek. Inez Gordon


dr Wiktor Szandorowski

Past Prezes

dr n. med. Konrad Drewek

Prezes Elekt

dr Grzegorz Sosnowski


dr Jan Nyckowski


dr n. med. Marek Rocławski


General guide

Detailed instruction to Spine deformation



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Department and Clinic of Orthopaedics and Traumatology of the Medical University in Gdansk

Leader of the Organisational Committee:

Chairman of the Society professor Tomasz Mazurek

Department and Clinic of Orthopaedics and Traumatology of the Medical University in Gdansk
ul. Nowe Ogrody 1-6, 80-803 Gdańsk

e-mail: mazurek@gumed.edu.pl

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